PR, Marketing & Merchandising Officer Vacancy (Part Time)

Bready Ulster Scots is a leading community-based Ulster Scots charity based in Bready, County Tyrone who deliver projects and
tuition based around music, dance, language, drama and culture. We are passionate about the work we do and need equally
committed members on our team to help us achieve those goals.
Requirements & skills
You will be someone with experience in PR, Marketing & Merchandising and previous experience in working in the development
of Ulster-Scots would be preferable.
You will be highly efficient, organised and hands-on in supporting and effectively managing promotion for the organisation. You
will work collaboratively with others, be able to forge good working relationships and have strong communications skills and
grasp of all social media techniques. You will be a team player, be passionate about our work and will strive for excellence in all
you do.
Key Working Relationships:
The CEO of BUS will be your key point of contact.
 Begin and sustain the promotion of BUS through all forms of social and mainstream media inc. populating the website
with current activities/events.
 Working with existing volunteers in developing a PR & Merchandising strategy.
 Advise on development of merchandising items of specific Ulster-Scots interest.
 Maximize customer interest and sales levels by displaying products applicably.
This Job Description is not intended to comprehensively list the responsibilities of the post, but to indicate the main areas
which at this stage appear to be the essential requirements of the post.
Summary of Main Terms and Conditions
● This is a fixed term Part Time position up until 31st March 2024 (when the post will be reviewed)
● Working hours: 8hrs per week
For further information; Email:
CV Should be returned by Friday 11 th Nov 2023 at 5pm. Interviews will be held during the week commencing Monday 14 th Nov
2023 with the candidate expected to begin with immediate effect.