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Interest in the history of families from Bready is growing. Over the centuries, hundreds of people have emigrated from the Bready area and today the descendants of many of these individuals are interested in finding out more about their forebears. Many local people are also interested in tracing their ancestors.

Database Records

Sources that have been digitised include:

  • The registers of Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church, Donagheady Church of Ireland, Donagheady Presbyterian Church, Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church and Magheramason Presbyterian Church.
  • Gravestone inscriptions from Grange, Old Donagheady and Old Leckpatrick burial grounds
  • Names of former pupils at Ballylaw, Ballyneaner, Bready, Glenagoorland, Leckpatrick and Sandville schools
  • Names extracted from maps, leases, letters and rentals of the Abercorn estate from the 18th and 19th centuries
  • 19th-century valuation records

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Use the searchable database of over 30,000 records to look for information on the families of Bready and the surrounding area.


Links to useful resources and a background on genealogy records available for the Bready area.

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