Tithe Valuation

In 1823 the Tithe Applotment Act was passed, which stipulated that henceforth all tithes due to the Established Church (Church of Ireland) were to be paid in money rather than in kind. This necessitated a complete valuation of all tithable land in Ireland, the results of which are contained in the manuscript tithe applotment books for each civil parish. This database includes the names of tithe-payers from Leckpatrick extracted from the tithe applotment book for the parish of 1826. Donagheady is one of the small number of parishes for which there is no tithe applotment book.

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First Valuation, c.1835

The First (or Townland) Valuation was primarily concerned with the agricultural value of land, but it also included details on houses valued at £3 or over (in 1838 this was raised to £5 or over). This database includes the names of householders extracted from the First Valuation field-books for the parish of Donagheady.

Primary or Griffith’s Valuation, 1860

The Primary Valuation of Ireland, better known as Griffith’s Valuation includes the following information: the name of the townland; the name of the householder or leaseholder; the name of the person from whom the property was leased; a description of the property; its acreage; and finally the valuation of the land and buildings. This database includes the names of all householders or leaseholders in the parishes of Donagheady and Leckpatrick.

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