School records

Names of pupils from the schools at Bready, Sandville, Glenagoorland and Ballyneaner, all in the parish of Donagheady, have been digitised. The registers of attendance record the full name of the pupil, date of birth (or age of entry), religion, fatherís address and occupation (but unfortunately not his name) and the name of the school previously attended. Separate registers were kept for boys and girls and usefully these generally include an index. In addition, a register of infants is frequently included at the start of the main register. The covering dates of the registers for the schools included in this project are as follows.

Bready school

  • Register of boys, 1867-1951
  • Register of girls, 1867-1951
  • Register of infant boys, 1872-1909
  • Register of infant girls, 1870-1909

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Sandville school

  • Register of boys, 1863-1903
  • Register of girls, 1868-1913
  • Register of infant boys, 1872-1906
  • Register of infant girls, 1870-1906

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Ballyneaner school

Registers of boys and girls, 1863-early 1900s
The registers of Ballyneaner are in very poor condition with many pages missing. Because of this the names from the index pages, where they survive, have been input to help make up the gaps in the records. This database was compiled by Terry Eakin of New South Wales, Australia, and kindly made available for this website.

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Glenagoorland school

  • Register of boys, 1872-1950
  • Register of girls, 1872-1950
  • Register of infant boys, 1872-1907, 1946
  • Register of infant girls, 1887-1906, 1945-6

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